The History of the Village Hall

The hall was originally built through the efforts of the local Women’s Institute. They had been fundraising for several years in order to purchase a hut for their meetings.

When they had accumulated £300 – about £14,000 at today’s value – they approached local landowner, Roger Hearnshaw, for permission to erect their hut on a piece of his land.  Mr Hearnshaw refused but said that if they continued to raise funds he would donate a piece of land – together with £100 so that they could build a hall to be used by the whole community.  On 14th November 1925, the hall was opened at a cost of about £3,000, which is around £175,000 at today’s prices.

At the outbreak of World War Two, many children were evacuated to the village.  The Village Hall became a primary and junior school and remained as such until the early 1960s.  Now the hall runs to serve the local community as a registered charity and venue.

Registered Charity No 522195